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The once lovely Fun Stop Photos photo booth was lying on the ground – crunched, smashed, totaled, ruined, destroyed, and annihilated.  Onlookers wondered, “Is it dead?” 

It sure looked dead.

Despite thunderstorms and ugly weather, Team Play’s VP of Marketing, Geno Giuntoli, valiantly traveled from Team Play’s offices in Elk Grove Village, Illinois to Minneapolis.  He would be exhibiting Team Play’s enormously popular Fun Stop Photos photo booth and hit videmption game, Fishbowl Frenzy, at Moss Distributing’s 2015 trade show.  At least, that was the plan.

Imagine Geno’s despair shortly before the show opening when he learned that the photo booth had been dropped.  If the photo booth was damaged, there would be no way to get a replacement photo booth to Minneapolis in time for the show opening the next day! 

Tragically, the photo booth was not “dropped” as in drop shipped or dropped off early.  Not “dropped” as in dropped off its pallet or tipped over.   Not even “dropped” as in dropped off a forklift.  This Fun Stop Photos photo booth had been Dropped – with a capital “D” – off the bed of a semi‑truck four feet in the air, onto the unforgiving concrete pavement below.   That’s a pretty serious event for a heavy and complicated photo booth which sports two LCD monitors, two digital cameras, and an assortment of hard drives and sensitive electronic components!

After tumbling its full 500 pounds off a truck and falling over four feet onto the rock-hard concrete below, Geno’s Fun Stop Photos photo booth lay on its back, winded and wounded.  (Fortunately, no humans or animals were injured during this event.)

Was it dead?  It sure looked dead.

Moss employees and helpful manufacturer reps righted the booth onto its wheels and pessimistically rolled it into the trade show.  Geno looked on with a sick stomach, wondering what to do about this fiasco.  How was he going to report that he traveled all the way to Minneapolis and was unable to show Team Play’s prized photo booth to Moss Distributing’s customers? 

Damaged corners.  Splintered plywood.  Scratched decal.  But, monitors intact.  Hmmmm . . .  In an act of desperation, Geno decided, “What the heck?  It’s worth a try.”  With shaking hands and a heavy heart, he plugged in the damaged Fun Stop Photos photo booth, turned on its switch, said a few prayers, and waited . . .

The Fun Stop Photos came to life and worked perfectly!!  

And, the trade show was a huge success! 


A happy ending to this story is more likely to happen with Fun Stop Photos than any other photo booths for sale!  

Team Play purposely manufactures the cabinet of its Fun Stop Photos’ photo booths with plywood, instead of sheet metal sides.  We think that plywood – never pressboard – cabinet walls provide better strength and damage resistance than sheet metal, which would have been dented or collapsed beyond repair by such a fall. 

In addition, the plywood components of a Fun Stop Photos photo booth cabinet are readily replaced if they sustain a dent or bruise.  There’s no need to replace the entire Fun Stop Photos cabinet as a result of every shipping fiasco!

Sheet metal sides are a bad choice for a photo booth.  But, the structural metal frame of Fun Stop Photos is the best choice for a photo booth.  The heavy duty metal frame of Fun Stop Photos gives the cabinet terrific strength.  And, the photo booth’s wheels are bolted into this metal frame, to ensure that they stay upright and strong. 

Not only is Fun Stop Photos the most innovative and highest earning photo booth in the industry, it’s the most reliable and durable.  It offers the lowest ongoing operating costs and is the best value for your investment.  So, go ahead and ship your Fun Stop Photos.  You have the best and strongest coin-op photo booth available! 

Nonetheless, Geno recommends that you probably should save yourself some worry and skip the four-foot drop test.

For information about Team Play’s Fun Stop Photos coin-op photo booth, visit www.teamplayinc.com.  Go to Distributors to find a Team Play distributor near you.  Email us, or call 847-952-7533.
<![CDATA[New Jersey Bound]]>Tue, 21 Apr 2015 00:54:58 GMThttp://teamplayinc.net/blog/new-jersey-boundPicture

We are happy to announce that Team Play's hit videmption game Fishbowl Frenzy has been approved for operation in the State of New Jersey!

The New Jersey Control Commission examines amusement games to determine whether they satisfy statutory requirements.  Among other factors considered, the game play must be for entertainment purposes and based on the player’s active participation and skill.    

In addition to the written notice, Team Play received a phone call from a New Jersey Commissioner who was very complimentary and extremely impressed with the Fishbowl Frenzy game. 

It is a special treat to receive such high praise from someone who examines virtually every redemption game on the market!

Team Play will ship Fishbowl Frenzy games into the State of New Jersey preloaded with software version 1.08 NJ.  The New Jersey addendum to the operator’s manual will be provided with the game and is available for download from Team Play’s web site  www.teamplayinc.com at the Fishbowl Frenzy Tech Support page.

Operators report that Fishbowl Frenzy continues to rank in their Top 5 earning games and often occupies the #1 earning position within arcades and family entertainment centers.  Winner of the 2014 IAAPA Brass Ring Award for Best New Coin-Op Product and the 2015 “Gold Medal” Best of Show Award, Fishbowl Frenzy is considered by many to be the best redemption game ever created!

This month, Team Play will start shipping its Progressive Conversion Kit, which allows two, three or four Fishbowl Frenzy games to be linked together by purchasing a Progressive marquee and replacement hard drive. Ultimately, operators will be able to link an unlimited number of Fishbowl Frenzy games. 

It's a good time to get your order onto the list to add a Progressive Bonus Jackpot to your locations, including your New Jersey arcades!  Go to www.teamplayinc.com to find a Team Play distributor near you. 

For information about Fishbowl Frenzy and Team Play's Fun Stop Photos photo booths, visit our web site at www.teamplayinc.com, send us an email, or call 874-952-7533.
<![CDATA[Another Lure to Hook Players]]>Wed, 04 Mar 2015 14:30:45 GMThttp://teamplayinc.net/blog/another-lure-to-hook-playersPicture
Just when you thought it was safe to get back in the water . . . Team Play has announced that its new Progressive Conversion Kit for Fishbowl Frenzy will be released at Amusement Expo Booth No. 1123 in Las Vegas on March 24-26. 

If the stand-alone Fishbowl Frenzy is any indication, then a Progressive version should be truly extraordinary.  Fishbowl Frenzy already won the IAAPA Brass Ring Award for Best New Coin-Op Product and is considered to be one of the best redemption games ever created.  But Team Play expects that customers will be even more impressed with the Progressive version.

The Fishbowl Frenzy Progressive introduces a series of challenges of increasing difficulty which players must overcome in order to win the big prize.  With each game played the prospective reward increases, until the potential ticket win reaches the operator-selectable maximum.

Simply by purchasing a Progressive marquee and replacement hard drive, locations will be able to link multiple Fishbowl Frenzy games to provide players on each of the linked games with the opportunity to win the Progressive Bonus.  This will allow the location terrific flexibility, because the games can be operated individually or converted into a Progressive to suit the location’s needs.

Team Play anticipates huge demand for the Progressive option.  Fortunately, production of Fishbowl Frenzy is going smoothly.  Manufacturing output has been increasing every week, and Team Play expects to be ready for the onslaught of orders likely to be generated at Amusement Expo.

So, if you only have one unit of Fishbowl Frenzy at your location, this would be a good time to order more.  You’re going to want to be ready to convert to a Progressive just as soon as those conversion kits become available!

Until then, players will line up for their turn to play Fishbowl Frenzy while 3D fish jump for joy, because the Fishbowl Frenzy Progressive is coming to Amusement Expo.

<![CDATA[To catch a fish, you need the right bait!]]>Fri, 13 Feb 2015 19:22:45 GMThttp://teamplayinc.net/blog/to-catch-a-fish-you-need-the-right-baitUpdate Your Settings
If your Fishbowl Frenzy isn’t one of the top 5 earning redemption games in your location, then your settings are wrong.  What you need is the right combination of baits!

Based on information gathered from Fishbowl Frenzy customers, Team Play has released Price-to-Ticket Ratio* tables to maximize your Fishbowl Frenzy earnings.   Older versions of the Fishbowl Frenzy software set the default ratio at only 11% which may discourage players.  Changing your settings to the optimal ratio will maximize player interest and maximize the game’s earnings.

Price-to-Ticket Ratio* tables are available only to registered owners of Fishbowl Frenzy.  Registration is easy!  Go to the Technical Support page on Team Play’s web site at www.teamplayinc.com, and submit your information with your Fishbowl Frenzy serial number.  Once your registration information has been verified, Team Play will email you a link to log in and set up your password.

*Fishbowl Frenzy is strictly a game of skill, so ratio tables are approximate.  Actual player winnings may vary, depending on each player’s skills. 

Why update your Fishbowl Frenzy software? 

Fishbowl Frenzy currently is shipping with software version 1.08 which automatically sets the default ticket-to-price ratio* to 20% to 30% return, in order to maximize game earnings.  If you have an earlier software version, you can update to version 1.07 online.  Version 1.07 facilitates the addition of a hard meter to track, on one counter, the ticket output from the dual ticket dispensers.  In addition, Version 1.07 updates the 3D fish characters and adds new graphics, including clams and surprise creatures inside of treasure chests.  A new feature is added for troubleshooting in the unlikely event of a missing ball.  And, new loading screens are added that will display while detecting the I/O board.

Why register your Fishbowl Frenzy game?

Password-protected online Price-to-Ticket Ratio* tables are available only to registered Fishbowl Frenzy owners with a valid serial number.  Registration is required in order to access the software update.  Even if you have the most current software version, we recommend registration, so that we can notify you of any future software updates.

We know from our customers’ experience that Fishbowl Frenzy should be one of the top-earning redemption games in your location.  We’re happy to help with your settings and answer any questions. 

Please feel free to call Team Play at 847-952-7533 or email:  service@teamplayinc.com

<![CDATA[Best in Show]]>Sat, 07 Feb 2015 20:06:39 GMThttp://teamplayinc.net/blog/best-in-showPlay Meter Magazine Feb 2015
We are honored that Team Play’s Fishbowl Frenzy was recently described as the overall “best in show” for IAAPA 2014 by Play Meter Magazine columnists Zach and Josh Sharpe. 

These well-known and well-liked coin-op brothers are the sons of industry veteran Roger Sharpe.  Born into the coin-op industry, Josh and Zach are ranking world pinball champions, recognized as being two of the finest pinball players in the world!  (How cool is that?!)  As a result, they are uniquely qualified to opine on all things coin-op, and we are thrilled that they like Fishbowl Frenzy.

Writing about IAAPA 2014 in Play Meter Magazine’s February 2015 issue, Zach and Josh Sharpe said:

If there had to be an overall ‘best in show,’ it was arguably Team Play’s Fishbowl Frenzy and our opinions weren’t too far off from those of the masses.  Fishbowl Frenzy won the 2014 Brass Ring Award for Best New Product in the Coin-Operated Arcade and Redemption Equipment category at IAAPA Expo 2014.

What truly sets this game apart from other skill-based ball drop games is the gigantic 65-inch transmissive LCD screen technology.  This feature, coupled with the use of augmented reality and 3D animations, simply create a ‘wow’ factor that only comes around so often in the coin-operated market.”

What a huge compliment!  Thank you Josh and Zach Sharpe!

Check out Play Meter magazine’s February 2015 issue or go to the News Page of Team Play’s web site to see the full article.  To order your Fishbowl Frenzy, click here to find a Team Play distributor near you!

<![CDATA[Eat, Drink, and Play Fishbowl Frenzy at Dave & Buster's]]>Tue, 27 Jan 2015 22:16:23 GMThttp://teamplayinc.net/blog/eat-drink-and-play-fishbowl-frenzy-at-dave-bustersPicture
Team Play has completed shipping its new Fishbowl Frenzy™ videmption game to every Dave and Buster’s™, the first chain of entertainment destinations to receive the new augmented reality, videmption game. 

Fishbowl Frenzy's arrival at Dave & Buster's has been quite the subject of discussion online.  Team Play owner Frank Pellegrini said, “We love reading that the guests at Dave & Buster’s ‘couldn’t get enough of Fishbowl Frenzy’ and that the reviewer could hardly get a chance to play because of the ‘horde’ of guests ‘crowded’ around Fishbowl Frenzy.  Three years and a lot of work went into developing Fishbowl Frenzy, so it’s very rewarding to hear that Dave & Buster’s guests are enjoying the game.”

Team Play reports enormous U.S and international demand for Fishbowl Frenzy, production of which only recently started.  Dave & Buster’s was kind enough to quietly test Fishbowl Frenzy prototypes at two of their locations.  They were so happy with the test results that they ordered units for all of their stores before the game was even in production!

Winning the confidence of Dave & Buster’s was a big score for Team Play’s Fishbowl Frenzy and comes on the heels of another big score:  Winning the 2014 IAAPA Brass Ring Award for Best New Coin-Op Product.  Pellegrini said, “We were thrilled that IAAPA recognized Fishbowl Frenzy with the Brass Ring Award, and we are honored that our customers believe in the product.  It is such a unique and entertaining video redemption game that it appeals to everyone.  We expected small children to like it, but we discovered that guests of all ages like to play Fishbowl Frenzy as much as the kids!”

Strictly a game of skill, Fishbowl Frenzy™ combines advanced technology and adorable graphics with a carnival theme, to create a terrifically entertaining game which is easy to learn, fun to play, and appealing to everyone.  The game challenges players to time the mechanical release of an actual ball which bounces through a field of pins into one of the fishbowls attached to the game’s 65‑inch monitor.  Where the ball splashes determines how many tickets the player wins.  The translucent screen allows players to see through the LCD screen to watch the ball drop, while charming, computer-generated 3D fish celebrate each win, excitedly spinning and jumping. 

Test earnings have solidly proven Fishbowl Frenzy™ to be a top-10 earner.  The consensus among everyone who has seen Fishbowl Frenzy is that the new videmption game is exceptional – quite possibly the best redemption game ever created. 

If you didn’t see Fishbowl Frenzy at IAAPA, just visit your nearest Dave & Buster’s for a chef‑crafted meal, innovative drink, and exciting Fishbowl Frenzy game play.  And, if you haven’t ordered your Fishbowl Frenzy yet, go to www.teamplayinc.com to find a Team Play distributor near you. 

In the meantime, the lobster will dance as 3D fish jump for joy, because everyone loves to “Eat, Drink, and Play” Fishbowl Frenzy!

<![CDATA[Fish and Fun in the Sun!]]>Tue, 20 Jan 2015 19:26:26 GMThttp://teamplayinc.net/blog/fish-and-fun-in-the-sunPicture
Staying a little closer to home this week, Team Play’s new Fishbowl Frenzy™ and Gen II Fun Stop Photos™ photo booth will be appearing in California on Thursday.  Team Play was invited to participate in the 2nd Annual California Entertainment Machine Association (CEMA) Spotlight Show 2015 in La Mirada on January 22nd.

We are delighted to support the California association again this year.  Team Play co-owner, Ed Pellegrini, and long-time customer, John Lemieux of Dandy Amusements International, will be on hand to talk with operators about Team Play’s new, top-earning, coin-op products.  

Dandy Amusements currently operates over 200 units of Fun Stop Photos.  They have tried every photo booth on the market and strongly believe that the Fun Stop Photos booths are superior to all other photo booths for sale.  So, while you’re at CEMA 2015, be sure to ask John Lemieux about photo booths!

Team Play also will exhibit Fishbowl Frenzy™, which always is a crowd pleaser.  If you haven’t heard about Team Play’s new videmption (video redemption) game, then you haven’t been paying attention.  And, if you haven’t seen Fishbowl Frenzy in person yet, this is your chance! 

Visit the CEMA 2015 Show at the Holiday Inn in La Mirada, California on Thursday, January 22, 2015 from 1:00 to 6:00 p.m.  Enjoy some gorgeous, sunny, California weather and check out the two, top-earning, new coin-op products from Team Play . . . because Fun Stop Photos and Fishbowl Frenzy bring gorgeous earnings and sunny days to every location!

<![CDATA[Fishbowl Frenzy at EAG 2015]]>Sun, 18 Jan 2015 23:14:00 GMThttp://teamplayinc.net/blog/fishbowl-frenzy-at-eag-2015PictureEAG 2015 photo courtesy of Intergame Magazine
Team Play’s new videmption game Fishbowl Frenzy™ has once again crossed the pond, this time to London for the sixth annual EAG International Amusement and Leisure Show that took place at the ExCeL London Exhibition Centre earlier this week. 

Betson Enterprises and The United Distribution Company presented an impressive display of Team Play's Fishbowl Frenzy™ game, which was very popular with EAG attendees.  Coverage of EAG 2015 by Intergame Magazine included some great photos, including Betson’s Tom Kane with UDC and Fishbowl Frenzy in London.

PictureEAG 2015 photo courtesy of Intergame Magazine
Fishbowl Frenzy has been extremely well-liked overseas since it was released two months ago by the U.S. redemption game and photo booth manufacturer, Team Play, Inc.  Since Fishbowl Frenzy first appeared at EAS in Amsterdam and ENADA in Italy, Team Play has been inundated with international inquiries from people wanting to buy the game, whether to distribute or to operate in their own arcades. 

Emails and calls have been flooding in to Team Play from all over:  Italy, Netherlands, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa . . .  Fortunately, Team Play has an excellent network of distributors worldwide, so everyone will be able to find a Fishbowl Frenzy for their family entertainment center. 

It is very exciting to know that people all over the world love Fishbowl Frenzy™ as much as we do!

Fishbowl Frenzy combines a carnival theme with advanced technology, mechanical skill play, exceptional video graphics and adorable characters to create a highly entertaining video redemption game unlike anything ever seen in the coin-op industry before.  And, the new videmption game has proven to be an exceptionally strong earner, quickly rising to the top of the earnings charts.  It’s no wonder that everyone wants a Fishbowl Frenzy in their FEC!

To buy your Fishbowl Frenzy in the United Kingdom, visit The United Distributing Company Limited, UDC House, 181 Park Avenue, Riverside Business Park, London, NW10 7XH, UK.  Call UDC at +44(a)20 8965 7071 or email:  info@udc.co.uk for more information. 

In the meantime, the lobster will party and fish will jump for joy, because everyone loves Fishbowl Frenzy!

Go to Team Play's web site for more information about Fishbowl Frenzy or to find a Team Play Distributor near you!
<![CDATA[Bigger and Bigger Crowds for Team Play]]>Thu, 20 Nov 2014 19:43:46 GMThttp://teamplayinc.net/blog/bigger-and-bigger-crowds-for-team-playTeam Play's Booth at IAAPA 2014
It’s Day Three of the 2014 IAAPA Attractions Expo in Orlando, Florida, and the crowd keeps growing in Team Play’s Booth 2000.

“At times, it’s almost impossible to walk from one side of the booth to the other,” said Team Play’s VP of Sales, Geno Giuntoli.  “We’re all busy talking to customers, and I can see more customers waiting. The response to Team Play’s products has been truly incredible!”

On Tuesday, Team Play officially released its new Fishbowl Frenzy™ augmented reality ticket redemption game and Gen II of Team Play’s enormously popular Fun Stop Photos™ line of digital photo booths.  Fishbowl Frenzy™ won the 2014 IAAPA Brass Ring Award for Best New Coin-Op Product! 

Team Play’s Booth 2000 is right inside the Main Entrance of IAAPA.  You’ll recognize it when you see the neon green cameras flashing atop the Fun Stop Photos photo booths, 3D fish and lobsters inside of goldfish bowls, and a huge crowd. “There are over 1,000 companies and 28,500 attendees here at last count,” said Team Play owner and CMO, Frank Pellegrini.  “I think that most of them have been here to check out Fishbowl Frenzy and Fun Stop Photos!”

If you haven’t ordered your Fishbowl Frenzy redemption games and Fun Stop Photos photo booths, catch up with your competition and get your order in the queue!  Go to www.teamplayinc.com to find a Team Play distributor near you. 

In the meantime, the lobsters will dance as 3D fish jump for joy, because being declared IAAPA’s “Best New Coin-Op Product” is worth celebrating!

For information about photo booths for sale, check out Team Play's Fun Stop Photos Gen II photo booths!
For information about Fishbowl Frenzy, check out Team Play's web site at www.teamplayinc.com
<![CDATA[Fishbowl Wins Brass Ring Award]]>Wed, 19 Nov 2014 05:16:30 GMThttp://teamplayinc.net/blog/fishbowl-wins-brass-ring-awardBrass Ring AwardFishbowl Frenzy Won the IAAPA Brass Ring Award
Team Play is delighted to announce that Fishbowl Frenzy™ has won the 2014 Brass Ring Award for “Best New Product” in the Coin-Operated Arcade and Redemption Equipment category at the IAAPA Attractions Expo in Orlando, Florida! 

We are absolutely thrilled that Fishbowl Frenzy has been recognized with the Brass Ring Award,” said Team Play principal Frank Pellegrini.  IAAPA is an excellent organization, and they put on a fantastic international show that grows every year.  We are so honored that Fishbowl Frenzy won this award!

Prior to its official release at IAAPA, Fishbowl Frenzy™ had already caused quite a stir among those who caught a sneak peek of Team Play’s new augmented reality ticket redemption game while overseas at EAS and ENADA. 

And, there was plenty of excitement in Orlando, Florida earlier this week, where Fishbowl Frenzy debuted to an enthusiastic crowd.  

Fishbowl Frenzy player is hookedAnother Fishbowl Frenzy player is hooked!
Test earnings of the prototype placed Fishbowl Frenzy solidly within the top ten earning redemption games, with its ranking climbing every week.  The consensus among everyone who has seen Fishbowl Frenzy is that it is an exceptionally great game.

We’ve been told that this might be the best redemption game ever created,” said Team Play’s COO, Ken Fedesna.  “Winning the Brass Ring Award further confirms what we have been hearing – that people really like this game.

Team Play started fulfilling the pre-production orders for Fishbowl Frenzy earlier this month, shipping in the sequence that orders were received.  So, if you haven’t ordered your Fishbowl Frenzy yet, catch up with your competition and get in the queue!  Go to www.teamplayinc.com to find a Team Play distributor near you. 

In the meantime, the lobsters will dance as 3D fish jump for joy, because being the best new coin-op product at IAAPA is well worth celebrating!

For information about Team Play's Fishbowl Frenzy redemption game and to find a distributor near you, check out our web site at www.teamplayinc.com.